! Welcome to my website! I hope you like it! >_< I am the webmaster of billylenz.neocities ~<3! This website will feature things i like and aswell the enter workings of my mind this website changes alot but do not worry this just shows i am learning and loving new things ive been wanting a website to call my own my entire life im still not the best at coding but im certainly trying my best i hope you enjoy the place i call my digital heaven and hopefully learn some new things think of this website as a archive of my brain
This website may break at times but do not fear i just dont really know how to code really so good luck exploring this website. the theme changes alot but most of the time stays the same being of which red and black as its my favorite colors and i usually stick with my favorite horror and or book of the month. As for asking questions about this website you can try to contact me in the comments but i may not check for a good while. This website is the best I can do to archive my brain,thoughts and other things.


1/16/2023 : Updated the phone page :D also happy new year my mental health hasnt been that good so thats why updates have been slow...i hope you guys like it :)

11/9/2022 : added a font, got rid of glitched symbols, added favicon, doing slight detail work to the front page! im gonna try to work on a new music player and try to work on my about me and add some more details! note 9:45: i added a new music player and added a floaty title!

11/8/2022 : im doing some finishing touches! i figured out how to do a marquee that goes up and down and doesnt stretch out the sidebars! i also added a small vistor counter on the side! i added a chatbox and this new scrollbox overall i just added alot and i finally made a site button!

11/7/2022 : i finall started on this website again! i went for a pink theme to match the compainion cube (me)! i also added some wheatley stuff since i love him and ill add some glados stuff soon too :3! this website was desgined off of my persona ( june/cube/the guy )! i hope you guys like it theres to much to put but i learned how to do audio and diff background stuff!

12/26/2021 : i made the website! i love billy lenz since hes litreally me!! so i got this url :3!